The Association of Polish Playwrights and Dramaturgs

On January 24th, 2015, the founding meeting of the Association of Polish Playwrights and Dramaturgs was held, on the initiative of dozens of playwrights and dramatists. Bylaws of the Association were accepted at the meeting.

We unite playwrights and dramaturgs, co-creators of performances responsible for dramaturgy, persons employed as dramaturgs and literary managers.

Our goals:

  • protection of common interests of the authors of dramaturgical texts and dramaturgs,
  • consolidation of the community,
  • support and promotion of Polish dramaturgy,
  • development of ethical standards and promotion of professional solidarity,
  • cooperation with public and independent theatres, as well as with other institutions acting in favour of Polish dramaturgy.

The Association is based at the Zbigniew Raszewski Theatre Institute.

Mission statement:

We are a modern organization, which unites people who write modern, contemporary texts.

We are different, but always in opposition to fixed action patterns.

Disobedience is an integral part of the artistic personality.